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Welcome to SuperSnake.org. The purpose of this site is to provide info on the SuperSnake all in one place. The site is a work in progress. I'm a hobbyist that happens to be the current caretaker of this wonderful car and I enjoy sharing it with others so enjoy and feel free to send me any comments on how to make the site better.


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Visit the Gallery page to view various images of the Super Snake, along with scans of original documentation. 

Info for all who keep asking:
The center stripe is 10" wide. The two white stripes just outside of it are 2" wide and then the two blue stripes are 3"' for a total of 20".

The SuperSnake was an engineering study that was the result of a suggestion by Carroll Shelby to Shelby America's Chief Engineer, Fred Goodell. Shelby asked Goodell to put together a 1967 GT500 powered by a super high performance 427 engine which could be used a test vehicle by Goodyear. The car Goodell chose was a white fastback.                     More ...




View original video from Goodyear's test track at San Angelo, Texas, where the SuperSnake was used for tire testing. Goodyear invited a number of journalists for the occasion, including representatives from Time and Life. magazines. Shelby drove around the track at speeds in excess of 150MPH. At one point, he was clocked at a top speed of 170MPH.                       More ...

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